Baltimore, Maryland
  June 30, 2007

We left home at 7:30 and drove to Albany airport for a Southwest flight leaving at 10:55.  It was uneventful and we arrived in Baltimore around 12:10.  After picking up our bag, we got a shuttle to the hotel.   After a quick settling in, we left for Lexington Market, because we had read that the best crabcakes can be found there.
The market is very interesting, with all kinds of shops, mostly food, and all kinds of people.
We tried two platters - the most and least expensive crabcakes with two sides.
With no beverage, the bill was $28.25.
You eat standing up at tables, and bus your own area.
It was very good., and with such large sides (mac and cheese, coleslaw, fries), we were definitely satisfied.
Back at the room, D tries to get a picture of the view.
But the view is a blank wall.  
We are on the 17th floor, just below the white stripe, and around the corner, facing the blank wall.
As we walked home, we passed a meeting place for AA.

After a bit of a rest, we took the hotel shuttle to the inner harbor.
It's a great place to people watch.
The weather is perfect - 78 degrees with a light breeze.
On the water, kids of any age, can rent paddle boats and paddle dragons.  Looks like fun.

We haven't had our fill of seafood!
We went to Phillip's Express and ordered a basket of shrimp and fries to share.

We intended to get an ice cream later, but discovered we were as pooped as this horse, so just went back to the hotel.

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Created June 30, 2007

Photos by Leslie or David

This has been a spring and summer of getting around. 2005

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