Jack Go To Bed at Noon
 Jack-go-to-bed-at-noon (Tragopogon pratensis)
Jack Go to Bed at Noon - plant

This flower gets its nick-name from its flowering habit.  It opens in the morning and closes midday.
Jack-go-to-bed-at-noon is also known as Yellow Goatsbeard.  (can't imagine why)
A more apt name, but one I have only read (not heard) is Shepherd's Clock.
As the immortal poet Cowley pens:
'The goat's beard, which each morn abroad doth peep
But shuts its flowers at noon and goes to sleep.'
(I haven't the faintest clue who Cowley is.  The only reference I have found is as the author of this poem.)
(It may be Abraham Cowley, who is famous for:  "life is an incurable disease")
small flower

Plant Type: This is a non-native herbaceous plant which can reach 90cm in height (36inches).
Leaves: The leaves are alternate. Each leaf is entire, slender, tapering to a long narrow tip and clasps the stem.
Flowers: The flowers have numerous parts. They are yellowgreen. Blooms first appear in early summer and continue into mid summer.
Fruit: A ball of wind dispersed achenes.
    (In case you are wondering what achenes are:
    achene:  Small one-seeded, thin walled, indehiscent fruit smaller than a nut.
    Let's see you use indehiscent in a sentence!
     indehiscent:  Not opening at maturity.)
Habitat: Fields, fencerows and waste places.

Source:  http://2bnthewild.com/plants/H162.htm


The seeds of this flower resemble delicate dandelion fluff.

In the above picture, there is bedstraw in the background.

Cecily Mary Barker has captured the essence of this weed in the Jack-Go-To-Bed-At-NoonFairy:

Keep your eye out for the Jack Go to Bed at Noon Fairy while you are out looking at wildflowers.


Photos taken in June and July, 2001
Copyright Leslie

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