Oxford House Update
October 10, 1999
This is the front door.  Now has a knocker and light.  No doorknob yet.  Still looking for a special one.  (We go in and out the kitchen door, so it's not a problem.)
David is working on repairs to a window.  He is in the dining room, and you can look toward the living room.  Behind him will be the bathroom.
Here's the window he is working on.  You can tell from his expression that it is not going as well as hoped.
This side of the house has not been painted yet.  When we chose the color, it is close to the color that would have been under the shutters (that no longer exist).
Here are some pics for comparison.  On the left is the house we bought.
On the right is the same front door after we had removed the shingles.
And that is how I spent my summer vacation.
The changes are pretty dramatic.  D has great vision!
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