Corning Museum of Glass
Cows in the Pond
It's high summer in
Central New York
August 1,  2006
And We're Having a Heat Wave

The cows at the Wells Farm have found a way to keep cool, up to their middles in the algae-covered pond.

To beat the heat, we took a drive to Corning, NY, to go to the Corning Museum of Glass.
We were particularly interested in two exhibits, Splitting the Rainbow and Glass of the Maharajahs.

"Glass of the Maharajahs" shows cut glass furnishings made by European glassmakers for Indian royalty.

This set includes a chair, table, and stool.
The write-up describes them as "Chair, Gueridon, and Stool"
France, Baccarat, Compagnie des Verreries et Cristalleries de Baccarat, 1993.
The gueridon (table) was designed in 1874, and the chair and stool were designed in 1883.
Only a few examples were made.  In 1993,
the company reissued these designs.

The glass is pretty impressive.  This does not look very comfortable.  The seat cushion is set with crystals!
We did spend time looking at the early glass, from Greek, Roman, and Etruscan times, but the last two centuries fascinated most.

There was a wonderful display called "Splitting the Rainbow", with colored cut glass.   Cut glass enclosed in glass cases does not photograph well, so you will have to go to see it yourself.

There are quite a few stained glass windows, including this one by John La Farge.

And this large Tiffany Window.  It's about 12 feet tall!
There are also a window by Frank Lloyd Wright (Tree of Life) and one by Louis H. Sullivan.
(I can e-mail a picture, if you contact me.

The shape and colors of these cracker jars is just magnificent.
(Mount Washington Glass Works, New Bedford, Massachusetts)

There are four Charder pieces (Le Verre Francais) 
"CHARDER was a name made up from the first part of Charles and the second part of Schnieder. It was sometimes marked on glass designed by Charles Schneider, particularly pieces in the Le Verre Francais line."   From the Glass Encyclopedia.  
These two remind us of another.

But the more recent glass is less serious and much more amusing.

This chess set was created by Gianni Toso, about 1981.

The chess pieces are made in the form of Jewish and Roman Catholic religious figures. A Jewish rabbi and a Roman Catholic bishop (kings) join a group of holy men and women holding Judeo-Christian symbols of faith, including crosses, Torahs, menorahs, and single candles. Each chess piece has the appropriate costume, hairstyle, and accessory of its rank.

Gotta love the whimsy.  The back is clear glass (looks black because of the background pillar).
This one must be designed to sit against a side wall, since one side is quite straight.
"The classic Etruscan Chair is a seminal work made of float glass with legs of forged, sandblasted and polished stainless steel. The kicker is that Lane "went there" and capped it off with stiletto heel tipped feet. It was no surprise to discover that it was made at the height of the 1980s."  (From Artnet.)

And what a fun piece this is. 

 We also enjoyed a glass blowing demonstration and watched the Steuben Glass Workers.

The price was right, too.  With AAA and being old, it was $20 for two of us.  
That includes return admission for the rest of 2006.
Beginning November 16, 2006, there will be an exhibit of the Evolution of the Paperweight.
The Corning Museum of Glass website is

Enjoy the summer!

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Published 8/1/06
Photos by Leslie or David