July 2000
A cool, wet beginning of the year 2000
has brought out the best in some of the gardens.

The daylilies have been quite spectacular.

Of course we have lots of sizes of the standard orange, but you have seen that yourself.

I think these are the oddest flowers.  They may be a type of coreopsis, but I am not sure.

here it is in bud, and next to it one with my fingertips to give scale.

This is monarda - also called bee balm.  Hummingbirds love it.

This is aconite, also called monkshood for obvious reasons.
All parts of the plant are poisonous.

This is what one hosta looks like with a bit of nibbling by deer.
And the following is what it looks like after being devoured.

You would think that with 120 acres of trees, pasture, meadows, etc., they wouldn't need to help themselves to my gardens!  The best deterrent was the dog, but since she thinks chasing skunks is such great fun, we have to keep her from running free.

Hope you enjoyed the quick tour of some of the plants in bloom in July at Way Stead Acres Farm.
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