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November 29-30, 2003
Our Adventure in Babysitting

The weekend in Brockport was great fun, once we got there.  We left in light snow - no awful problem, since D had put the "sticky" (Blizzac) tires on.  Then it went downhill.  By the time we got to Wegman's in Syracuse, it was almost two hours later (about 30 minutes more than normal).  We did our shopping and decided not to drive through Syracuse (Saturday shoppers, snow, etc.) but to get right on the thruway (adds about 10 minutes, normally).  The thruway was horrible.  We drove at 35 mph in heavy traffic.  There were 12 cars that had slipped off the road over about 100 miles - no collisions, just slid off.  Once we got to Canandaigua, it began to clear, however, and was sunny when we got to Brockport - a five hour trip that usually takes us four hours (including stops).

Wendy and Sam gave us the directions for the baby, put the car seat in the car in case we needed to go out with her, and they left for their anniversary celebration.

Grandpa provided the entertainment.

The baby was supposed to nap around 3:30, so D went to visit Candy and Frankie.  Frankie is wearing Grandpa's hat and eating a Cheeze Doodle, which is Grandpa's contribution to the nutrition he needs to grow big and strong.

While he was gone, I tried to put the baby down (after changing a poopie diaper - good timing, kid) - she wanted no part napping, however, so I gave up.  She was a bit cranky when D returned, so we tried Baby Mozart - got her giggling and mellow again.

It was time for dinner.  I almost got the timing down - it's a challenge, I found - she opened her mouth, and I guess I was too slow, because her mouth was closing as I was inserting.

She ate well, however, and that gave her a second wind!  She played under the table until it was time for changing and bed.
After changing another poopie diaper (whoops, this wasn't supposed to happen...) D put her to bed.  She went to sleep very nicely for him, and we collapsed.  We went to bed at 11:00, a sensible time for grown-ups.  Sound asleep at 11:44, Peri yelled.  D gave her some milk, I changed her diaper, and since he was doing so well, I felt free to return to sleep.  I was sound asleep when Peri, who had no intention of sleeping, and was crawling around the bedroom, discovered the springy doorstop.  That thing is loud enough to shake the house!  Now I was up!  I took over the watch-her-crawl-around duty, and D went to bed.  After pulling her away from the electric cords a few times, I tried the bottle again.  She drank several ounces and fell asleep.  After ten minutes of trying to get her to burp, I gave up and put her down to sleep.  Hooray, through the monitor I heard a good burp, and prayed she would sleep through.  She did, until 5:45, approximately her normal wake-up time.

After a good breakfast, D added stair-stepping to her exercise program.  She thought it was great fun.

Then time to change another poopie diaper!

The parents came home early, and Daddy dressed her in her play outfit.  She was glad to have them back!

Frankie and his parents came to visit and to enjoy the wedding cake that had been saved to celebrate the first anniversary.
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The trip back home was uneventful.  Heavy Thanksgiving-Weekend traffic, but it moved fast, and we were home in record time.  Nine hours of sleep, and I'm ready to go again!

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Published 12/1//03
Photos by Leslie or David

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